Cody Rhodes Says He’s Incredibly Proud Of The Changes AEW Made To The Industry


Cody Rhodes took to Twitter earlier today and responded to a fan who questioned what the American Nightmare’s next move will be now that he is a free agent in the competitive wrestling market.

The former three-time TNT champion responded by saying he is very proud of the changes that AEW caused for the industry, adding that he feels lucky to have carried the baton for as long as he did. His full statement reads:

I’ll let you in on a little secret, wrestling fans are the face of it all – I was lucky to carry the baton for several years, and I am incredibly proud of the changes we made for the industry and livelihood of wrestlers the world over. A great time, stuff for the history books.

Since his departure from AEW rumors have been circulating that Rhodes will be returning to WWE as his stock in Vince McMahon’s eyes have gone up since he left the fed in 2016. However, the latest update was that Rhodes was planning to be a “stay at home dad,” but it is not certain whether he is just keeping a low profile until he makes his next move.

Check out the tweet below.

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