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Coaches giving Joe Burrow more input heading into Year 4


NFL: Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp
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Joe Burrow is set for a huge payday and an increase in his ability to build the offense around him.

The Cincinnati Bengals will be giving quarterback Joe Burrow a huge payday this offseason, but we will also see the young quarterback take on more responsibility in building the offense around him.

Bengals coaches anticipate Burrow helping develop this offense over the course of his career.

“Now we’ve reached the point going into [Burrow’s] year four where, schematically, he’s got a lot of input, too. That’s a lot of fun,” offensive coordinator Brian Callahan told Geoff Hobson of “There are more peer conversations as opposed to us trying to tell him what to do. That’s when it starts to get really fun. The quarterback has great input to make big adjustments and give his thoughts and feelings about plays and what position to put players in. It’s a really dynamic environment to go to work in every day.”

The big thing Burrow has had going for him is his intangibles and knowledge of the game. There is a reason he was being passed up by people like Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes as the top quarterbacks in the league.

It is easier to quantify a guy throwing the ball 70 yards through the air. A guy reading a defense quicker than anyone else just isn’t as easy.

We also saw Burrow’s intelligence play out this season as he drastically changed his play style. He went from throwing deep bombs down the sidelines to having to pick apart zone defenses that were trying to take those deep passes away.

It also has to be said that this will probably be Burrow’s first opportunity at a full offseason uninterrupted by a global pandemic, rehab from a leg injury, or having his appendix removed. It certainly explains the slow start from last season, but it should prove fruitful in helping frame this offense going into 2023.

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