CM Punk Says He’s Done with Pro Wrestling and Some People Won’t Let It Go


Below is new video of CM Punk talking to TSN Sports reporter Aaron Bronsteter to promote Saturday’s fight against Mike Jackson at UFC 225 in Chicago. Bronsteter brought up how WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk has continued to wrestle into his 70s and asked Punk if he has ruled out a return to the ring.

“Yesterday I said a bunch of stuff about wrestling, about how I’d never gotten a true offer… that does not mean I want to wrestle. I’m done, I’m done, I’m done with professional wrestling,” Punk said. “A lot of people like to be mad at me about that and make fun of me because I lost my first fight, and it’s like… that’s fine, you’re entitled to your opinion but you do not own me and I am entitled to do what I want to do, and that’s what I’m doing. Wrestling is in the rear view mirror. I’ve been trying for 5 years to put wrestling in the rear view mirror and some people just won’t, they won’t let it go. They want to live my life for me. I kind of don’t understand that. It doesn’t matter what I say, I’ve said no and no, no, no, so many times that people just always kind of are like, ‘Oh, so there’s a chance?’

“I love Terry Funk, he retired for the first time when I was 2 years old. People always come and go, and they come back and they leave, and they come back. This is where I live now, this is my head-space.”


Punk was referring to comments he made during an interview with earlier this week. After saying he would not be appearing at the big “All In” event in September, Punk also noted that he wasn’t asked directly to be a part of that show or any other wrestling event.

“Nobody has ever asked me, like straight up asked me, to come wrestle for them. Nobody.” Punk added, “[People have said] hey, if you ever wanna do anything… Nobody’s ever been like, ‘hey, here’s the deal, we’re having a show, we’re paying you X amount and you’re working this guy. Whaddaya say, yes or no?’ Nobody’s ever done that.”

Punk also stated that he doesn’t think that he would accept a serious offer to return to a pro wrestling runs but he wasn’t closing the door on a return. Punk has already changed his tune.

“I don’t think so, it’s a hard question to answer, a lot’s happened this week,” Punk said. “I could definitely tell you if you asked me that question a week ago when I still felt like I had a foot in the grave, the answer [would have been] no, I don’t want anything to do with it. I feel like I’m out and the future is yet to be written, it’s a wide open book, it’s my story to tell. I’m just being real, I’m not going to sit here and be like, ‘No! No!’ Something might come up, some fun might be had. Right now my heart and my mind and my focus is 100% on Saturday and fighting. So does that mean fighting beyond Saturday? To me that means yes.”


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