Citizen Conflict – The new AAA MMO Web3 Shooter


A new shooter is on the horizon. Known as Citizen Conflict, this triple A shooter is taking a twist on the somewhat oversaturated genre. Implementing both Web3 and MMO elements into its game.

This new game is brought to us by QORPO Studio, originating from Slovakia in Europe. Their main aim is to “Democratize Gaming and Esports” as shown on their official site.

Still somewhat of a new collective QORPO Studio have only a few projects under their belt so far. Others include ‘Animate’, an RPG and Battle Royale hybrid. They have also gone ahead and released their own designated tokens and NFT marketplace, ‘CyberCash’ and ‘QORPO Marketplace’.

Let’s look into Citizen Conflict in a bit more detail. As always, if this is the first time hearing about this project then be sure to do some more research past this article. It’s best to know what you are investing in before handing your money over!


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Citizen Conflict Blockchain Shooter

Built on Unreal Engine 5 Citizen Conflict at first glance looks like a well polished shooter ready to start a war on the blockchain list.

It’s set in a dystopian setting called ‘Ether Islands’ this game is free to play for all. Set in the year 2101, Earth has been renamed to Terra and civilization is under threat from an alien government.

AI and humans have been separated as a result of previous atrocities. Social justice and order are being pushed along with ecological practices by those in power.

Wealthy elites known as ‘The Order’ inhabited Ether Island and left the peaceful lifestyle behind. Chaos and struggle is at the heart of Ether Island!

Competitive by nature

Players battle it out in teams to climb the ranks and earn in-game rewards and loot. This new game has been built by legends from both the gaming industry and also the esports scene.

If you are a fan of competitive games then Citizen Conflict could be for you! Not only is the gameplay action packed, developers have nodded at regular esports competitions. These competitions can be entered by all players, all of which have regular prize pools making them extra competitive!

By completing in-game challenges and matches you can develop your character and gear to become a strong fighter ready for any battle. To see some of the gameplay for this game, be sure to check out the official gameplay trailer.

“In Citizen Conflict the only limitation is yourself. Work hard – Win big. Easy! No pay-to-win model, just pure skill – the choice is yours.”

Citizen Conflict characters

Citizen Conflict has a selection of characters that fit different gaming and play types. These characters are known as ‘Heroes’.

Playable characters include:

  • Assault – Dyor, Karma, Kirx 9000, Blinder, Tunkas

As indicated by its class name this character is more for the offensive player. If you enjoy being in the thick of the action this character is for you!

  • Specialist – Lutra Page, Smiler, Zodiac

If your playstyle is more tactical and driven by planning and execution the Specialist characters are for you.

  • Medic – The Doctor, Delta

No team is complete without a medic. Literally the life of the team, heal your allies and keep the game alive with this character class.

  • Support – Billy, Hammerhead, Thunder, Vigo

Be the backbone to your team as your defense skills and wit will keep your enemy at bay.

Visit the official character’s page to learn more about the playable characters and the lore behind them!


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Citizen Conflict game modes

Moving onto the crypto game modes and there are a total of 3 different modes all of which involve high stakes action.


Team up in squads of 4 players and battle through Ether Island’s different districts. Battle it out with other players and collect loot from NPCs.

Battle Royale

This game mode is similar to the popular Fortnite and features 4 player squads. Remain the last team standing as you battle to the death with other players.

Syndicate Wars

Represent the 3 different Syndicates (Midnight, Korpo, Hackhunters) and battle it out on smaller sized maps. The aim is to fight till the death, gain as many kills as possible and fill your vault with tokens.

The in-game token

Citizen Conflict has its very own in-game token known as $CCASH, or CyberCash. It has been created with the pure intention of being a community-driven government token for the studio behind this title’s metaverse experience.

Holding this token is a direct contribution to the development of this project, ultimately allowing you to have a say in the future development and expansions.

Players holding $CCASH can also make use of other lucrative in-game features such as:

  • Staking
  • Buy LAND
  • Buy back and burning
  • Purchasing in-game assets like vehicles, weapons and characters

Backing so far for this project

Whilst being a new blockchain gaming project, Citizen Conflict has already been recognised by governing organisation within Web3.

Partners featured so far are Binance review and also Binance NFT as listed on their site. The Blockchain Game Alliance has also partnered up showing their early support.

Back in 2022, a mystery NFT drop for this game was put live on Binance NFT Marketplace for players to take advantage of. Getting in early for a game like this is important if you want to reap the rewards to their maximum!

Be sure to check out their detailed roadmap on the Citizen Conflict site to see the upcoming updates and plans for this new game.

Overall this new project looks promising and the gameplay can really give it some longevity. Binance giving the thumbs up so early on in its lifespan is another indicator of its potential.

Check out their official site and follow their Twitter page to keep up to date with this new prospect!

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