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Christian McCaffrey went full Al Bundy against Cardinals


Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers
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In case you missed it, Christian McCaffrey scored four touchdowns in one game. That has a term in these parts, but before we get to that, let’s look at each one in its glory. Let us swoon over the magnificence that is Christian McCaffrey.

Our first one has a simple sprint in nearly untouched. Blah. McCaffrey can do these with little issue.

That’s a good appetizer to some birds. But here is where things get interesting. This is touchdown number 2. Who likes hurdles? I like hurdles. Everyone likes hurdles. Here’s a hurdle and a fun touchdown:

That was fun. At that point, this looked like it was getting out of hand. A couple more and we can all spend two hours oogling the 2023 San Francisco 49ers. Here’s the third one:

Three is always good, but CMC has done that before. What we need is four touchdowns in one game. We need him to go Al Bundy. Well, here he goes:

McCaffrey finished the That is four touchdowns in a single game. That is the same as Polk High football legend Al Bundy. This, my friends, is called going full Al Bundy.

Who the hell is Al Bundy you ask? Well, if you were a child of the 80s and 90s, you may have seen episodes of an ahead of its time sitcom called Married with Children. I say “Ahead of its time” but I also know with the subject matter and humor that made up the show’s nucleus, there is absolutely no way that show would work today.

Regardless, the patriarch, Al Bundy is a loser and shoe salesman with a great history of Polk High football, he scored four touchdowns in one game. A feat someone only wishes they could achieve. Until you get to CMC who goes full Al Bundy against the Arizona Cardinals. That, my friends, is going full Al Bundy.

Now, aside from that, it’s time to eat a bit of crow. First, let’s make fun of this:

ESPN wasn’t the only ones against this trade. Yours truly was against it also. Coming off the Atlanta Falcons loss in 2022, I said, “Christian McCaffrey doesn’t help Brandon Aiyuk catch the ball.” I also said some sort of garbage to the tune of “We need picks to develop talent and money to pay Nick Bosa.” Well, the latter remains somewhat true since Brandon Aiyuk is quickly going out of the 49ers’ price range.

Still, this is not a good look for me. I was wrong. I was left scratching my head and angry at such a move. Now, I realize why I’m just a blogger on a 49ers site and not in the front office. At least this instance reminds me of why.

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