Chris Jericho Talks About an Incident That Impressed Vince McMahon


Chris Jericho was on the Talk Is Jericho podcast with Cody and The Young Bucks and spoke about an incident that impressed Vince McMahon.

I came into WWE in ’99. I had some successes and ups and downs, whatever. I don’t think I ever really impressed Vince as a guy. I think he thought I was just you know, “Ah, this guy might be ok” whatever.

So (Big) Show and I were working and this is when they gave Show… he had gone to boxing school, boxing camp and it didn’t work out but now he’s a boxer and his punch is the finish. And that was the first one. Show is like my bro, man and I hated him and we hated each and we loved each other but I said, “Dude, punch me as hard as you can. It’s my forehead. You can’t hurt me.” They used to say with Bob Holly, “You don’t break my nose, and don’t knock my teeth out. Other than that hit me as hard as you want.” “Hit me as hard as you can in the forehead. If you agree to punch me in the forehead, I will run into it as hard as I can. Agreed?”

So I ran into it and he hit me hard. It was a killer. He leveled me to the point where I had a fist… And afterwards, Vince said to me, he goes, “You’re the toughest son of a bitch I’ve ever seen in my life. How did you do that?” And that probably, as we know, Vince says A, everyone says A. If Vince says B, everyone (says B). I think that probably permeated throughout, maybe Dusty was in the company at that time, and probably remembered. I bet you Dusty might not have even seen it. But Vince was so high on it, that the whole company was high on it.

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