Chris Jericho Says Santana Hurt His Back Pretty Badly During Blood and Guts


On the latest episode of Talk Is Jericho AEW superstar and former world champion Chris Jericho reflected on last week’s epic Blood and Guts matchup, where the Demo God revealed that his fellow Inner Circle member Santana messed his back up pretty badly during the marquee bout, and was even having issues walking afterwards.

Ortiz got back bumped into the cage and the cage moved and he fell between the cage and the apron. I went over and tried to pull the cage back so he could get out. It looked really dangerous. Later on, Santana did the same, except he took the bump over the top rope and between the apron and cage, onto a chair that was also stuffed in there. He actually got really hurt and messed up his back and was having some problems walking after.

The Inner Circle would go on to lose Blood and Guts to the Pinnacle when MJF threatened to throw Jericho from the top of the steel structure, something he did afterwards anyway. Check out the latest TIJ here.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)


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