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Chris Benoit Trends After Jordynne Grace Gives “Coldest Take Ever” on Benoit vs. Today’s Wrestlers


The late Chris Benoit is currently a trending topic on social media after Impact Wrestling Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace took to Twitter to try and prove a point last night.

The exchange began when a fan commented on how he’s observed pro wrestlers discussing Benoit in a professional context, noting that while they praise his in-ring work, they always make sure to say they are not excusing the fact that he murdered his wife and son before killing himself.

“It’s always wild listening to wrestlers discuss Chris Benoit in a professional context cause they always be sure to note they aren’t excusing what happened before praising his in-ring stuff for 10 minutes. Except New Jack,” the fan wrote.

Grace chimed in with what she said would be her coldest take ever on Twitter.

“This is gonna be the coldest take I ever tweet on this app. I already know y’all gonna be mad. I don’t think Benoit could 100% hang with most of the present day best wrestlers. He would not be able to remember matches. Also may he burn in hell, amen [folded hands emoji],” she wrote.

Grace then posted a follow-up tweet thirty minutes later in response to some of the fan comments she was receiving.

“Proving a point: I said something very lightly critical about him. People jump to defend him. He should NEVER be defended. Dude lost that right when he gave his 7 year old Xanax and strangled him while he was already unconscious,” she wrote.

Benoit has been a trending topic since then, with many fans discussing the wrestler and the tragedy.

Benoit, a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion with a lengthy career, shocked the pro wrestling world in June 2007 when he murdered his wife Nancy Benoit (aka Woman) and their 7 year old son Daniel, then committed suicide by hanging himself. Medical tests done following the Benoit family tragedy revealed that Chris suffered from CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy). Tests showed that Benoit’s brain was so severely damaged that it resembled the brain of an 85 year old Alzheimer’s patient. Benoit was reported to have an advanced form of dementia, similar to the brains of former NFL players who had suffered multiple concussions, which led to depression and the harming of themselves or others. Michael Benoit, Chris’ father, believes brain damage was the leading cause of the murder-suicide.

You can see the full exchange with Grace below:

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