Check Out This New Trailer For Resident Evil 4


Alright, folks. Listen up. Here’s the deal. Sony showed a new trailer for Resident Evil 4 at the most recent State of Play live stream, and it’s great. Now, the trailer is below the next paragraph, and I know you want to skip right into watching it. Which you should. However, let me give you the quick hits.

Luis is present in way more of the game now – he’s shown with Leon in the minecart section (also we see the minecart section, which owns) – we get a brief look at the Krauser fight, more detailed views of combat, the late section of the game that goes full Call of Duty (which is and has always been good; everyone else is wrong), some brief glimpses of Ashley’s sections, and a tease for Mercenaries. Okay, the trailer is below. There’s a lot more I didn’t type out because you aren’t reading this, and I do not blame you. Have fun, friends. The game looks great. 

For more Resident Evil 4, check out our exclusive coverage hub. The game will be released on March 24.

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