Carlos Alcaraz is right about Novak Djokovic’s absence from in Indian Wells


A great goal achieved in Indian Wells: Carlos Alcaraz succeeded in the first US ATP Master 1000 to win the trophy, and again the top of the world rankings. The final obtained by the Spaniard demonstrates his incredible level, superior to almost all the competition on the men’s Tour at the moment.

The Spaniard made some interesting observations in an interview with the Tennis channel: “It means a lot to me to be number one again. For me it was a goal but it was definitely easier because Novak Djokovic didn’t play. Being first and going to Miami gives me a lot of confidence to compete there at my best.”

And Carlos is right. Novak Djokovic, before the stop due to the lack of vaccine to enter the US, was dominating the Tour. And with frankness and wisdom, and also humility, Alcaraz admitted that with the presence of the Serbian champion things could have gone differently.

Indeed. Novak Djokovic’s type of tennis is perfect for dampening Alcaraz’s quality. The clash between the two is only postponed. The approach of the clay-swing will put them face to face: they will see what Alcaraz’s progress really is, and if the young Spaniard is really ready to take the place of the Big 3.

In the same interview, Alcaraz said: “I started the year very well after winning Buenos Aires and reaching the final in Rio de Janeiro. But I have suffered a lot from injuries in this period. I had a leg injury for 4 months: it was difficult to stay mentally strong, because I was missing the tournaments I wanted to play but I worked a lot with my team. I believe in what I’m doing right now with them and that’s the most important thing.”

On the great game won against the Russian Daniil Medvedev, the 19-year-old champion said: “I would say that I played perfectly. I can’t complain about my level. The conditions were also tough, it was very windy and Daniil is very good. So I had to play a very tactical challenge. For me it was perfect. I’m an easy guy. I really enjoy being with my family and friends without doing much, just talking to them, having fun or watching a movie. Little things are big things to me.”

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