Can IG claim the top spot of the league? – LPL Weekly Preview


IG have been the big surprise of the 2023 LPL Spring Split. Can they go undefeated this week as well? Let’s break down their matches of the week.

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IG will face another top team in LPL Week 3

IG vs EDG – Wednesday 10:00 CET

After an insane series by IG in the first two weeks, the team is currently first in the standings alongside Rare Atom. Their win against RNG proved that the team is not a fluke anymore and that they are serious about fighting for the top spots in the league.

What’s even more captivating about this IG lineup is the presence of emerging players ready to take over the LPL: YSKM, Ahn, and Wink have shown great signs of improvement. Paired with the Korean imports of Dove and Gideon, IG have a solid and balanced team.

That said, they will now have a bigger test ahead of them, when they will face former 2021 world champion EDward Gaming. Despite losing a star player like Viper, the team has brought up Leave, which is rumored to have great potential. While we haven’t seen much from him, his debut in the LPL has been promising: he and top laner Ale are the carries of the team.

There’s high anticipation for the top lane matchup after YSKM solo killed Breathe in a sensational one-vs-one. Against Ale, the Honkongese top laner will have the chance to prove he’s a top-tier player. Their matchup will also be key in the overall series: if YSKM can negate Ale, then IG will likely win.

Predictions: Invictus Gaming 52% | EDward Gaming 48%

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IG vs TT – Saturday 10:00 CET

After the series against EDG, IG will face TT Gaming. In one way or the other, the two teams are similar: both have two Korean imports and have picked up players that were considered mid-tier last season. That said, TT’s debut game wasn’t positive against LNG Esports. Despite some major misplays by the enemies, TT wasn’t able to win one game. Mid laner ucal seems to be the only one that can carry the team on his back. Unfortunately, it won’t likely be enough to beat IG in its current form.

Regardless of the result against EDG, we will likely see IG finish 3-1 after week 3 of the LPL Spring Split. Their series against TT Gaming should be much easier and winnable since they have better individual skills and coordination all around. It should be a piece of cake for IG.

Predictions: Invictus Gaming 70% | TT Gaming 30%

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