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Bruce Prichard Talks Rumors Of Tully Blanchard Having Heat With JBL


Bruce Prichard discussed on a recent edition of Something to Wrestle Tully Blanchard joining WWE while covering WWE Cyber Sunday 2006.

The WWE Executive also talked about Blanchard having rumored heat with JBL. 

“Tully came in.  He definitely had words with JBL backstage or JBL had words with him.  You know, there comes a time where Tully wasn’t the easiest guy to get along with in the dressing room, ever, that I knew.  I think I got along pretty well with Tully.  I didn’t dislike Tully by any stretch of the imagination, but Tully could be difficult.  Tully could come off as a pompous a** at times and treated younger guys pretty harshly when he was the booker throughout his career. 

Coming into a different environment where Tully wasn’t the boss’ son, definitely puts him behind the 8-ball so to speak.  I think he had a run in with Bradshaw at some point in his career.  In an attempt to clear the air, I don’t think, you know, people react to sh*t differently.  I can’t hold grudges anymore about sh*t like that in the past.  People grow up and they’re different.  Seeing Tully at a convention a few years ago was the first time I’ve seen Tully in years.  Tully was a different person.  People grow up.  People change.  I do believe that.”

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