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Browns offseason moves: Who is in, out in a wild start to NFL free agency


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GM Andrew Berry has been busy this NFL offseason with lots of moves

The Cleveland Browns have been very busy this offseason. With all the moves made by GM Andrew Berry, it can be hard to keep up with who is in and who is out. So far during the first (almost) two weeks of NFL free agency, Berry has added 11 players that were not on the roster last year, retained five players that were on the 2022 Browns roster and redid a deal to, likely, keep a player around.

All the moves made projecting the current 53-man roster tough and also likely have an impact on the team’s 2023 NFL draft plans.

That doesn’t include extending restricted free agent tenders to CB Thomas Graham Jr. and DT Ben Stille. Unfortunately for OL Michael Dunn, he did not receive his restricted free agent tender but still could return to the team. DE Chris Odom is an exclusive rights free agent.

Cleveland has also lost seven players who have signed with other teams while another eleven are still unrestricted free agents free to sign with any team.

With the difficulty of keeping up with all the moves, the below chart should be helpful. At the top of the chart, we tried to match up players at their positions but there wasn’t a one-for-one swap throughout the remaining moves.

As you will notice, the two moves at the top are coordinator moves and could have the biggest impact on the team overall.

(Those with stars next to their names are still free agents and could return even if some are very unlikely)

A significantly different roster starting with two of the coordinators. The hope is that the combination of new coaches, new players and a full year of QB Deshaun Watson without the same rust as last year will make a huge difference.

What sticks out to you about the above chart of moves?

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