Brock Lesnar on Possibly Being a Locker Room Mentor, Younger Wrestlers Needing to Step It Up


WWE Champion Brock Lesnar says some of the younger wrestlers need to step up and do things different if they want to be successful.

Lesnar recently spoke with Newsday’s Alfonso A. Castillo and was asked if he sometimes feels like the younger wrestlers look up to him, and if he’s willing to guide and mentor them. Castillo pointed out how Lesnar is in a position of potentially being kind of a leader in the locker room and a mentor to younger wrestlers.

“I have,” Lesnar said. “Over the years, if there’s somebody that catches my eye and if I happen to perceive something that I like, or don’t like, I will approach some talent. It’s not that I don’t put myself out there to be approachable in the arena. It’s just kind of who I am. People probably find it hard to have a convo with me . . .”

Lesnar continued and said he doesn’t know where the grassroots, hard work and work ethic has gone these days. He believes they need to step up and do things different if they want to become successful, but he also acknowledges that you just might not have it.

“Some of these young kids nowadays, they’re so used to having everything they want at their fingertips with technology,” Lesnar said. “I don’t know where the grassroots, hard work, and the ethic is anymore. Some of these kids, they need to step up to the plate if they want to. They need to have a backbone. They need to do something different if they want to become successful.

“This business isn’t just about getting in the ring and being able to do moves, you know. This is a business of storytelling and characters and being able to portray a passion about something. So either you have it, or you don’t. Otherwise you’re just a mid-card wrestler, or an indie wrestler, or an internet wrestler. And you’re just playing to the fans on the internet.”

Lesnar will defend his title against an opponent to be announced at tonight’s WWE live event from MSG in New York City. He will then face WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns in a Winner Takes All Title Unification Match at WrestleMania 38 Night Two on Sunday, April 3 from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX.

Stay tuned for more.

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