Brock Lesnar on His Work Ethic, If Roman Reigns Has the Same, Laziness In the World


WWE Champion Brock Lesnar feels like there’s a lot of laziness in the world.

Lesnar recently spoke with Newsday’s Alfonso A. Castillo and was asked about when he defeated The Rock to become the youngest WWE Champion at SummerSlam 2002, and if when he looks back on that version of Brock Lesnar to compare him to the younger wrestlers of today, does he think he had his head on his shoulders better than what he sees in the locker room today.

“I think, yeah,” Lesnar responded. “I think when I put my mind to something I become totally invested. Think about this: I grew up in West South Dakota and started wrestling when I was 5 years old. All I ever wanted to become was a champion. I became a champion wrestler. I wanted to play in the NFL. I did that. I wanted to fight. I became the UFC heavyweight champion. I wanted to farm. I wanted to be a butcher. I wanted to do all these things. When I put my mind to whatever I want to do, I get it done. And that’s consistency . . .”

Lesnar continued and touted his work ethic, and mentioned The Rock, Pat McAfee and WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon as being real go-getters who refuse to hear “no.” Lesnar believes that is what the world is lacking, but there’s a lot of laziness to go with it.

“I just have a work ethic like no other, and it shows,” he said. “If you followed me around for seven days, you would understand why I am who I am. And the people that get ahead and are successful — like Dwayne Johnson, and Vince McMahon and Pat McAfee — are just go-getting [expletive] that refuse the answer ‘no.’ And that’s what’s lacking in this world. I think there’s a lot of laziness.”

Lesnar was then asked about his recent comments on The Pat McAfee Show, where he said the younger wrestlers need to figure out how to get over instead of worrying about their next high spot. For those who missed it, Lesnar said the following during the February interview with McAfee: “It’s just kind of weird how the whole, the revolutionary door, you know? Because when I first came up it was like, you know, The Undertaker and Steve [Austin] and I could go on and on with the guys. But now I’m the old b-stard walking down the halls. I’m looking at these young kids and I don’t know. Someone needs to step up. That means get over. Figure out how to f-cking put a–es in seats, not worry about your next high spot. Figure out how the hell I can be different. Like how can I make money? That’s it. That’s the business.”

Castillo pointed to how some people were saying those comments were easy for Lesnar to say because of his genetics. Lesnar, who turns 45 in July, responded and said excuses are easy to come up with. He also commented on how he’ll outwork anybody, and look as good as he does at 45.

“They can come up with all kinds of [expletive] excuses if they want to. That’s easy to do,” Lesnar said. “But get out there and do something with yourself. Everybody wants to bash the guys that get over or are successful. They always want to undercut it, because they can’t figure it out. I’ll outwork anybody. That’s just what I do . . . I’ll be 45 and I look as good as I do. And I feel good, you know? Get off your lazy [expletive] and go do something with yourself, instead of taking your handout check.”

Castillo then asked Lesnar if he sees the work ethic he’s describing in his WrestleMania 38 opponent, WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

“He’s a workhorse, yes,” Lesnar responded.

The Beast will defend his WWE Title against an opponent to be announced during tonight’s WWE live event from Madison Square Garden in New York City. Brock will then go up against Reigns in a Winner Takes All Title Unification Match at WrestleMania 38 Night Two on Sunday, April 3 from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX.

Stay tuned for more.

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