Britt Baker explains why she never wants to be the AEW women’s champion ever again


AEW All Access

Britt Baker is a central figure on the AEW: All Access reality show. One of the key plots on this week’s episode revolved around the real life tension between Baker and Thunder Rosa, and how relieved Britt was when Tony Khan announced that Rosa finally relinquished the AEW women’s world championship last November.

With the interim label removed and Jamie Hayter recognized as the undisputed women’s champ, Baker went on to have the following interesting conversation with her good friend Tony Schiavone about one day beating Hayter for the title:

Tony: “You think you’re gonna go over eventually?”

Britt: “Will I beat Jamie? No. I shouldn’t.”

Tony: “Don’t you want to be the world champion again?”

Britt: “No!”

Tony: “You don’t want to be the world champion again?”

Britt: “Never. Literally.”

Tony: “Never ever again?”

Britt: “Not in the next five years.”

Tony: “What’s wrong with being the world champion?”

Britt: “That drama that comes with it…Just having so many people come after me behind my back and go…straight to my boss and just bury me. Because they’re jealous, because they don’t like me, because they don’t like what I’m doing. That fucked with me so bad.”

Later in the show, Baker elaborates on why she doesn’t want to be champion again:

“When I was AEW women’s world champion, it was hard. Because I had a lot of girls in the back that really came for me. At one point there was a meeting held about me, accusing me of faking a broken wrist. And it goes on and on. And fortunately since then, almost all the girls have apologized to me, and I’ve moved passed that. But I still have some PTSD. I didn’t see that coming. I didn’t expect to get so much smoke that I wasn’t ready for.”

Schiavone advised Baker that if she truly wants to be a top star in pro wrestling for years to come, then she is going to be a target for drama, and a thick skin is needed to deal with it. Baker acknowledged his point and said she’ll be better prepared for it next time. The scene ended with Baker raising her glass and proposing a toast to never being the AEW women’s world champion again.

I personally don’t put much stock into this conversation as an accurate reflection of how Baker feels about being the champ again, given it took place on a reality show that is produced to play up all the backstage drama. Just as we all know that pro wrestling outcomes are scripted, it’s typically a good idea to assume these reality show scenes are also staged. Who knows, maybe this is all just backstory to explain why Baker will instead focus her attention on winning the TBS title going forward.

Let me know in the comments below how much truth you think there is, if any, to what Britt Baker says about the pitfalls of being the AEW women’s world champion.

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