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Brian Pillman Jr. Reveals He Pitched A Second-Generation Stable In AEW, Why He Doesn’t Want To Take His Dad’s “Loose Canon” Gimmick


On pitching a second-generation stable in AEW:

I pitched something similar to that including all of the second-generation wrestlers in the company [AEW]. I think it would make for a great storyline and a potential faction to have us all involved but you know, that’s just an idea.

Whether he would ever adopt his dad’s “Loose Canon” gimmick”

Yeah, I hear that a lot. I get that all the time [that he should take on his father’s ‘Loose Cannon’ persona]. But, I understand why people see that in me. Obviously, I look like him and I could probably pull off something similar but I’m also a very creative person and I think people will be surprised when they see my own take on something like that. I think I could do something even better or even more creative just because of the technology we have today and just how the industry’s different. Whatever my dad did back then is not gonna work today. The exact same thing is not gonna work so you gotta find out what’ll work today and what type of content and what type of character would really turn some heads today. But yeah, I do think there’s something on the horizon that I’m working on so.

(H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)

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