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Brian Myers Discusses The Success Of WWE’s Women’s Division, How They’re Missing Ronda Rousey


IMPACT star and former WWE Raw tag champion Brian Myers appeared on the Wrestling Inc. Daily to discuss all things pro-wrestling, including his thoughts on the WWE women’s division, and how he believes the company is really missing Ronda Rousey. Highlights are below.

On the women’s evolution and how big a role Ronda Rousey played during her time in WWE:

“Yeah, but they made their mark and they made their point. It’s come so far since when I started, what it was, bikini contests and nonsense. I was part of WWE the past couple of years and I saw that women matter, like, big time. They have huge fanbases, they move merch, they get superstar reactions on shows and live events. It’s really cool to see how far it’s come. I think it’s still growing, I do think losing Ronda was a big hit to the star power of the women’s roster. She brought a lot to the table, I was there for a lot of that, she’s a megastar. Bringing all the rest of the roster up to her level, which I thought was pretty cool.”

Says Rousey was super cool to travel with:

“Super cool. I did tours with her and all kinds of stuff, she threw herself right into the thick of it, like one of the boys. It was really cool actually.”

(H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)

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