Bret Hart & Josh Barnett Discuss Rumored UFC Sale, Does Bret Think Vince Would Ever Sell WWE?


Earlier today the latest episode of Hart Family Vault was released by Bret Hart Radio.

This episode features part two of Bret’s interview with former UFC Heavyweight Champion Josh Barnett.

You can find some of their comments transcribed below.

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On what Josh thinks about the rumored sale of UFC:

JB: I am not really privvied to that kind of information. I will say that you hear so much of it already being sold and I could easily see the UFC trying to put up a smoke screen to say that it hasn’t. I don’t how that would really benefit them neccisarily but for all we all know it’s been sold. That the deal has already been done. Checks have already been cashed and they’re just working out the particulars.

On if Bret thinks Vince McMahon would ever sell the WWE in a similar fashion to the rumored way UFC is being sold:

BH: I suppose it’s always a possibility but I don’t think the McMahons will ever sell. It’s a money printing machine. They can make all the money they’ll ever need. I think Vince truly loves the business and I think, for whatever it’s worth, I think Stephanie and Shane both love the business. Even Triple H. They love it. It’s the greatest, fun job of a lifetime. Being Triple H and getting on lier jets with Shane and working out what’s going to happen this week. All the drama and hard work that comes along with it. I’m sure they love every bit of it. I don’t think money can buy that. Same with Dana White. I just don’t see it. Why would he sell it? I think he loves it and he’s passionate about it. If they sell it to someone else maybe they aren’t going to have the same passion. I don’t know. I don’t think those guys are. They’re all still really young. They’re not going to sell UFC for a long time. Not til they are in their 90s. That’s my thought. They are what you call the movers and shakers. You can’t buy that kind of excitement of basically playing God with everyone’s careers. You can do whatever you want. You have lier jets and limos everywhere you go. It must be a fun life being Vince McMahon but it must be a lot of hard work too.

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