Brawlhalla Synthwave Returns with Battle Pass Classic


Brawlhalla is in its 9 year of release, in that time there’s been some cool Battle Pass cosmetics that have come and gone, inaccessible to newer players. That’s outside of a new feature that’s making a return with the next patch, the Brawlhalla Battle Pass Classic. This time, it’s the Brawlhalla synthwave collection that’s making a return.

All of the cosmetics from the older Synthwave season will be accessible once again thanks to the Battle Pass Classic. That’s along with the freebies you can grab from the Brawlhalla April redeem codes. This is how it all works.

Brawlhalla Synthwave Battle Pass

Source: Blue Mammoth Games

Brawlhalla Synthwave Battle Pass Classic

The Brawlhalla Battle Pass Classic kicked off wive the Return to Demon Island batch, followed by a new pass in ValhallaQuest. Our latest Battle Pass is going to be Brawlhalla Synthwave Reloaded.

Over the 8p days that the Battle Pass is available, you’re able to progress through 85 different tiers in-game. Get through them all and you’ll unlock plenty of prizes for use in Brawlhalla. The Battle Pass has a good number of returning items from the original second Season of the game. Alongside them, there’s some new items too to keep long-term fans motivated to keep grinding.

As it’s a classic, there isn’t anything for newer heroes like Theo the Speedster. There’s still loads of rewards though. These are the skins you can grab in the Brawlhalla Synthwave Classic Battle Pass.

  • Cybernetic Beast Issah
  • Future Wave Val
  • High Frequency Yumiko
  • Modula Rift Ember
  • Retro Reaper Nix

Alongside the full skins, there’s plenty more rewards in the Brawlhalla Synthwave Battle Pass. There’s color schemes, sidekicks, and more. A lot of the high tier items are locked behind the paid Battle Pass version though. If you can grab the Gold track, you’ll be able to get everything over the course of the event.

Brawlhalla Synthwave Battle Pass

Source: Blue Mammoth Games

What’s Next for Brawlhalla?

The Brawlhalla Synth Wave Classic Battle Pass will kick off with the Patch 7.07 update. Alongside the new Battle Pass, there’s quite a few changes coming. There’s new improvements for characters, the Bombsketball mode, and training mode developments.

That’s what’s going on in-game. Over the next few weeks, there’s quite a few Brawlhalla events happening though. The Spring Royale Royale is taking place pretty soon, alongside other tournaments on the horizon too.

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