Braun Strowman expected to Run Riot In Chicago ‘Raw’


WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois. As One India points out, WWE has chosen an electric venue for the final Monday Night Raw of the year. We can be sure that there will be a huge, noisy crowd in Chicago as WWE attempts to shake us out of our post-Christmas slumber. It’s also a safe bet that Monday Night Raw will give us a few clues as to what to expect during next month’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view event.

Wrestling fans will know that last week’s WWE Raw saw Braun Strowman wreaking havoc inside and outside the ring. Strowman was furious when Sami Zayn managed to survive at the recent WWE Roadblock event. Strowman was determined to put right that wrong and was outraged to find that Raw General Manager Mick Foley gave Zayn the night off. Unable to unleash his fury on Zayn, the Abominable Strowman turned his anger on just about everyone else.

Strowman managed to unleash his anger on Sin Cara, Titus O’Neil, several crewmembers and, at the end of the night, he interfered in the main event by attacking Roman reigns and Seth Rollins. In what is sure to be a fiery evening, expect Strowman to run riot in tonight’s WWE Raw Chicago. Strowman’s performance in tonight’s Raw is sure to give us some clues as to Braun’s WWE Royal Rumble role.

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