Booker T Talks Success Of His Reality Of Wrestling Promotion, One More Match, Importance Of Touring


Booker T did an interview with Sports Illustrated to promote his Reality of Wrestling promotion and their upcoming show on November 19th. Here are the highlights: 

Reality of Wrestling:

“We don’t want to be WWE or AEW,” Huffman says. “We want to be the Triple A of pro wrestling, the place you need to be in order to make it to that next stop.”

Their show at the MGM Grand Conference Center Premier Ballroom: 

“This is a chance for our talent to showcase what Texas wrestling is all about,” Huffman says. “These are young guys trying to make it to the next level in the business. You might not know who they are now, but we’re hoping that changes after Nov. 19. We’re on the move. We’ve been striving to make this a reality for the past 18 years. My wife, Sharmell, plays such an important role in our success. And we want the world to see us in Vegas on Nov. 19 and come be part of it.”

Wrestlers needing to go on the road to learn: 

“When you’re honing your skills, it’s so important to know how to work in front of a different crowd,” Huffman says. “I remember thinking I was good when I was a young kid in this business, and then I was in for a rude awakening when I went to Philadelphia. I thought I was good, and then I went to New York City. Those crowds let you know how to become better, especially when you have those champagne wishes and caviar dreams. That’s how I became who I am. Our talent needs a piece of that action in order to get to that next level. And the world is going to be surprised how good Reality of Wrestling is.”

On Will Allday and Cam Cole headlining the show in Vegas:

“They started with me as young kids, and now they’re headlining the show as men,” Huffman says. “I am very proud of them for getting to this position, which they did by earning it. They’re going to give the fans a show they’ll remember for a long time.”

If he will wrestle at the show: 

“I felt so good bodyslamming and Book Ending everyone on that Fox spot that I thought about coming back,” Huffman says. “I was laughing; this business is easy when you don’t have to take a bump. But I’ve been thinking about doing something in Vegas. My friend ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage used to always say, ‘Expect the unexpected.’ That’s what we have here. Maybe I’ll put the boots back on.”

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