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Booker T: ‘Kevin Owens Is One Of The Best Guys On WWE Roster’


Booker T discussed  Kevin Owens vs. Steve Austin at WrestleMania38 this past Saturday during his latest Hall Of Fame podcast.

Austin came out of retirement for his first match in 19 years. The WWE Hall Of Famer went over after Owens missed a chair shot and Austin hit the Stunner. 

“Kevin Owens man, he deserves an Oscar for the work that he put in on that night. Seriously,” Booker said. “Kevin Owens, and I’ve said it for a long time now that he is one of the best guys on the roster. He is what professional wrestling is. He is what a professional wrestler does.”

“When I watched the beginning of that thing, and I don’t want to give any of our tricks away or anything like that, but when I watched the beginning of that match, I just watched the magic of Kevin Owens. Stone Cold Steve Austin definitely played his part. He played his part very, very well. But for me, if I was coming back to do a match, it definitely would be a guy like Kevin Owens or a guy like Seth Rollins,” he said.

“I need one of those types of guys that knows what this business truly is. I can’t speak highly enough about that veteran Kevin Owens going out there and taking care of business the way he did and Stone Cold Steve Austin for sucking it up and giving that crowd in Dallas, Texas where he started his career. He went out there and did it like a champ and I commend him for it.”

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