Booker T Explains Why He Doesn’t Like Intergender Wrestling


Booker T discussed intergender wrestling during his latest Hall Of Fame podcast

The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion isn’t a fan of this kind of wrestling because its a man fighting a woman. 

“We had another conversation about intergender wrestling and I say, I don’t think intergender should be something that should be brought in, as long as a man fighting a woman on television. Of course, Chyna was an anomaly – and there can be only one.”

“I just don’t think it’s something we should bring to the forefront where men can actually start punching women in the face. But, I said, for the independent scene where there’s not much wrestling out there, as far as good wrestling, you’re going to have a lot more guys because there are a whole lot more guys in the business and it’s something to do for practice.”

H/T to SportsKeeda for the transcription.

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