Booker T Comments On Cesaro’s WWE Departure


Booker T gave his thoughts on Cesaro leaving WWE during his latest Hall Of Fame podcast

Cesaro departed from WWE after his contract with the company came to an end and he turned down their offer to re-sign. Now, he’s a free agent and cleared to sign with any promotion he wants. 

“Cesaro is one of my favorite people, not was, is one of my favorite people. He’s a guy that I always could talk to, a guy that I could always ask something. Ask him to do something, he would always do it,” Booker stated. “Just like, I needed a clip for the indies with Booker T, Cesaro didn’t want to stop talking. He just wanted to keep talking. That’s what kind of dude he is.

“I do know this as far being in WWE, this guy has always played his role, whatever role that may be, ‘give it to me, I’m going to get it done.’ I don’t remember hearing any complaints from Cesaro, or about Cesaro. He was just a guy that came to work, put his hard hat on, and went to work.”

The WWE Hall Of Famer noted that he wishes Cesaro got a bigger push in WWE. 

“I wish Cesaro would have got much further in WWE, I think he was a guy that definitely could have played a much bigger role. I remember the crowd being totally on Cesaro’s side at one point,” he said. “To where, man, you could tell they wanted him in that position as well.”

“One thing I always say about talent is, ‘cream rises to the top.’ And I think Cesaro is going to find a soft landing,” Booker said. “Because he’s a guy that is going to be highly sought now since he’s a free agent. So, big ups to Cesaro for making a move that perhaps he felt like he needed to do.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc for the transcript

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