Booker T Challenges Goldberg To A Match, Goldberg Responds


While in the gym, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recalled a story from WrestleMania 34 where he was using his hoverboard to get around backstage and mentioned how Goldberg told him he needs to get back in the gym.

“I had an issue with Goldberg just a couple weeks ago because I was riding my hoverboard at WrestleMania,” Booker T said. “Goldberg, he was talking about how I wasn’t in shape because I was riding the hoverboard. I said, ‘Look Goldberg, I work out at the gym. You feel me? I work out on the gym on a regular basis.'”

Booker T continued that he just using the hoverboard for fun and wanted to let Goldberg know he was indeed in good shape. He then did a number of pull-ups and challenged Goldberg to a pull-up contest. He didn’t stop there though.

“They could add an extra match to that Greatest Royal Rumble and it would be Booker T and Goldberg, the rematch from when I beat him back in WCW.”

Booker T retained his WCW Championship against Goldberg in July of 2000 on Nitro, which you can see in the video at the top. After posing for the camera (trying not to smile the whole time), Booker offered up next year’s WrestleMania as another place they could meet up. You can see Booker’s full comments in the tweet below where he tagged Goldberg.

Goldberg responded shortly after:

Booker T appeared on Houston radio and revealed that he will be returning to Rawcommentary on Monday’s show in St. Louis. He will be replacing Jonathan Coachman that week. Coach confirmed that he will not be at Raw on Monday to do some cross-promoting for WWE and the Golf Channel. Coach added that he will be back for the April 30 Raw in Montreal.

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