Bobby Lashley on Wanting a Title Shot from Brock Lesnar, Defeating Roman Reigns (Video)


As seen above, Bobby Lashley spoke with Renee Young and Sam Roberts on the WWE Extreme Rules post-show after his win over Roman Reigns last night. Lashley made it clear he wants WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar next.

“I don’t know where Brock is but when Brock’s ready to come back and fight somebody for that title, I’m the man,” Lashley said. “Of course he said before he didn’t want to come back because of Roman, Roman, Roman. Now there’s a new big dog and that’s me. So if he wants to come back and defend that title, he has somebody else to come back and defend that title against. Somebody that beat the person he defended that title against last time. So now if Brock is ready to come defend that title, I am here.”

Lashley also spoke on the ultimatum that RAW General Manager Kurt Angle issued to Lesnar – show up to negotiate the next fight on RAW or be stripped of the title. Lashley said, “I think it’s beautiful. He had to figure out a way to get him back. I’m pretty sure Brock is gonna show up. I’m pretty sure Brock watched what was going on tonight and right now Brock has no excuse not to show up.”

Lashley also made it clear he wants the title and the match with Lesnar.

“Both, I want to beat Brock for that title,” Lashley said when asked if he wants the match or the title. “Of course I want the title but of course I want that match against Brock. I mean anything… I could post pictures of my kids online and people comment, ‘We want you to fight Brock’ That’s been happening for the last 12 years, so of course I want that match. And if Roman beats Brock for that title before I have a chance to get to Brock, then I still want that match and then I want the title.”

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