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Blue Collar Philosophy in Cardinal Red


Blue Collar Philosophy in Cardinal Red
Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Monti Ossenforth sent a clearly “unified message” to everyone on the Cardinals’ organization:

Every employee in the building:

  • Will be evaluated in terms of commitment, accountability and professionalism
  • Will be give a specifically assigned role
  • Will embrace and understand his/her role
  • Will check his or her ego at the door
  • Will put the team first
  • Will be on the team because of how they meet the organization’s criteria for their positions
  • Will pay exemplary attention to details and instructions
  • Will work tirelessly to perfect the fundamentals
  • Will be compensated commensurate with the quality of the work
  • Will contribute to a complete organizational alignment, from the cafeteria staff, to the maintenance crew, to the coaches, to the players, to the front office
  • Will focus on what it takes to help the team win
  • Will work their tails off to be on the same page

“Every job is important.”

“It takes a smart, tough, dependable, accountable, and mature individual” to play in this league.

Monti Ossenfort

After spending a 20 minute interview with Budda Baker at the NFL Combine, Monti Ossenfort said, “I wanted to run. through a wall for him.”

Having watched Monti Ossenfort’s introductory press conference and listened to his blue collar team-building philosophy, it is clear that he knows exactly what the organization needs in terms of alignment and culture.

Now the hard, blue collar work begins.

For everyone.

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