Billy Gunn On Chyna Not Being In The Hall Of Fame: “She Deserves It More Than Anyone That’s In There Right Now.”


Former WWE superstar Billy Gunn was a recent guest on The Ring, the Cage, and the Stage Youtube show where discussed his run with DX in great detail, and how he hopes that one day he and Road Dogg’s popular tag combo of the New Age Outlaws will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Gunn also opened up on how he feels about the Ninth Wonder of the World Chyna still being snubbed from the HoF, and believes that she deserves to be in there more than anyone.

She deserves it more than anyone that’s in there right now. That’s a huge sore subject with me. It’s just bulls–t! I just think Chyna should have been in a long time ago. She did more. It’s who they send. It’s political, they send who they want to send, and that’s wrong. You send who deserves to go. It’s about what you’ve done and contributed to this business and what legacy you left.

Check out the former 11 time tag champion’s full interview below, where he also speaks on his firing from the WWE in 2015.

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