Billie Jean King drops major praise on Carlos Alcaraz: A genius, gitt to our sport


WTA legend Billie Jean King called Carlos Alcaraz “a genius” and “a gift to our tennis.”

Alcaraz, 19, is a Grand Slam champion, as well as the youngest world No 1 and the youngest Year-End No 1 in tennis history. 

After Alcaraz’s Indian Wells Masters semifinal win over Jannik Sinner, King dropped major praise on the 19-year-old Spaniard.

“Carlos Alcaraz is a genius at playing tennis, and I feel fortunate to be alive to see it. He is a gift to our sport,” King tweeted.

King calls Alcaraz ‘a gift to our tennis’

Alcaraz, who will be turning 20 in May, has accomplished some pretty impressive things at a very young age. 

After beating Sinner in Indian Wells, Alcaraz was asked when was the moment he realized he could be a great professional tennis player.

“Well, first question, I would say when I got my first ATP point. Yeah, probably that moment I started to realize that I now be in the ATP very soon, but at that point, yeah, I knew that I have to work hard, you know, to stay there. But yeah, when I got my first ATP point, I realize that I be or I could be, you know, in the professional tour, you’d say at that point. And the second question, I would say when I, you know, hit impossible shots, when I go to the net, you know, I make big shots. When I do that on court, I enjoy a lot. Yeah, I make a smile on my face, I’d say that,” Alcaraz explained.

Also, Alcaraz was asked if he considered himself the favorite in every match.

“Well, it doesn’t change too much for me. I don’t think about that I’m the favorite in every match. I don’t think about that I have to win every match,” Alcaraz said.

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