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Big Swole Says She Was Hospitalized Prior To Her Appearance At AEW ALL OUT 2019


Pro-wrestling star Big Swole spoke about her battle with Crohn’s disease and her decision to step away from AEW on the premiere call in episode of her new podcast, Swole World. Highlights are below.

On her treatment for Crohn’s Disease:

There have been days where I have taken maybe two or three pain relievers, we’re talking hard pain relievers; narco, lortab, Percocet, Vicodin, Tramadol, morphine pills, hydrocodone, everything. There were times where I took two or three to get through a match because I don’t want to quit. There are people who have an autoimmune disease who are looking up to me and saying, ‘She’s doing it.’ Yes, I’m doing it and taking every measure I can do continue to do it. I do put my body on the line for this sport. To hear people saying that I don’t have Crohn’s, this is not something I would wish upon anyone. There have been countless times where I’ve gone to the hospital and countless times where they are telling me, ‘You’re dying.’ Before I got signed to AEW, I got really really sick, to the point where they sent my blood to the CDC and Mayo Clinic and they didn’t know what it was. There is nothing scarier than looking to the people who are supposed to know these things and them saying, ‘we don’t know what you have’ because of this illness.

Says she was really sick before debuting at AEW ALL OUT 2019:

They ended up naming it the Nightmare Virus. I was deathly sick, dropping weight, I couldn’t hold up anything, and they couldn’t feed me. I asked God for two years to wrestle somewhere important and carry on because I felt like I needed to. He gave me the message that there was something bigger coming for me and I had to get ready. I got ready. This was right before I got to AEW, literally six months before doing the All Out battle Royale. I was in the hospital just completely gone and shriveled up to nothing. To hear people say I don’t have Crohn’s is completely ridiculous.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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