big controversy around Pep Guardiola and Erling Haaland


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The King Haaland. Last night, the Norwegian had a magical evening in the Champions League against Leipzig. At 22, he became the third player to score a quintuple in Europe’s finest competition. He joins a very closed circle where Lionel Messi, who had achieved the same feat with Barça against Bayer Leverkusen in 2012, and Luiz Adriano, who had done the same with Shakhtar Donetsk against Bate Borisov in 2014, take place.

Guardiola’s coaching was not understood

However, the Manchester City striker was quicker than the other two. Indeed, La Pulga had taken 84 minutes to register its quintuplet. The Brazilian, he needed 82 minutes. For his part, Haaland scored 5 goals in 58 minutes. He was therefore on track to beat this record and perhaps become the first player to score a sextuplet in C1. But Pep Guardiola decided otherwise. The Spanish technician decided to release his player in the 63rd minute.

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A choice more than discussed on social networks where many have accused Guardiola of having prevented his player from making history. Others have mentioned a lack of class from the coach, who likes to be more important than his players, or the fact that he is protecting a Messi record. In the media also this choice of the coach of the Skyblues is talked about. This is the case in Spain, where we necessarily follow the player very closely since he likes Real Madrid. AS writes that “Guardiola takes a record from Haaland”.

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He took a possible record from Haaland

The Iberian media adds: “he didn’t seem angry, but Erling Haaland’s face was that of someone who still had things to prove in the game. After scoring his fifth goal against RB Leipzig, Pep Guardiola decided to withdraw it from the field after 63 minutes of play (…) However, this deprived the Norwegian striker of breaking a record in the Champions League that neither Leo Messi nor Cristiano Ronaldo have to their credit.

AS insisted that Guardiola “prevented Erling Haaland from overtaking Leo Messi and Luiz Adriano to become the single-handed player to score the most goals in a single Champions League match.” brandwhich headlined “And on the fifth Pep replaced him”, indicates the coach minimized the fact of leaving his star striker. Indeed, the former Barça coach explained his coaching at a press conference. “If he manages to score 6 goals in C1 at 22, his life will be boring. Now he can do it in the future. More seriously, I made the switch because the game was over. »

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The media prunes Guardiola

Asked by Canal+the player told him: “No I was not disappointed to go out. Of course I would have liked to play more but there are other players who wanted to play. But faced with English journalists, his speech was a bit different. “I told Pep Guardiola when I left that I would have liked to score a double hat-trick (one in the first half and one in the second), but hey, what do you want? » Statements that made people react. Some see it as a hint of annoyance from the footballer. His case was discussed on the show The Chiringuito. Josep Pedrerol sent him a clear message.“Guardiola took out Haaland when he could break Messi’s record…You’d be so good in Spain, Erling!”,

Edu Aguirre added: “Guardiola and Haaland, it’s not going to end well.” Another journalist present on set launched: “Guardiola wants to turn Haaland into something else and Erling doesn’t like that.” It is true that the Iberian boss often explains that his player can improve in other areas and that being a goal-scoring machine is not enough. But the Cyborg is above all an incredible goal-scoring machine. Sport, Catalan media, does not spare Guardiola and wonders whether to believe his explanations on the exit of the player after a manita. A small shadow on the board after a dream evening for Haaland.

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