big altercation between Nagelsmann and Mané!


Officially ousted from his post as Bayern coach, Julian Nagelsmann risks having ringing ears in the coming weeks. Several protagonists of the Bavarian management but also some of its now former players are beginning to settle their accounts with the young German coach. According daily news Picturethe Senegalese star, Sadio Mané would have had a heated verbal battle with Nagelsmann in the Bayern locker room after qualifying against PSG in the Champions League.

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Still according to the German newspaper, the 35-year-old tactician even seemed very destabilized by the Senegalese during this altercation. And the tenure of the latter against Augsburg in the Bundesliga a few days later, would have been taken for a real admission of failure by a large majority of the Bavarian group. If the locker room was divided into pro-Nagelsmann and anti-Nagelsmann groups, this latest friction would have been just one drop in a long list of management tensions. With the arrival of Thomas Tuchel, the Munich residents hope to calm things down.

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big altercation between Nagelsmann and Mané! 24hfootnews.

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