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Bianca Belair Loves Her Current Entrance Theme But Wouldn’t Mind Subbing In J-Cole’s K.O.D.


WWE superstar and former SmackDown women’s champion Bianca Belair recently spoke with the Milwaukee Record about her current theme music, and how the EST would love to use the track “K.O.D.” from top hip-hop sensation J-Cole. Highlights from the interview are below.

How she loves her current theme:

I really love my theme music. I think it fits me. I think that whenever my theme music plays, you can’t help but bounce around and move around, and I think it’s really just contagious. You know, with the crowd and the crowd feels it. You see the crowd bopping around and their hands bouncing around. So, I don’t think I would change my theme music ever.

Says she wouldn’t mind using J-Cole’s K.O.D. track as a theme since it’s the same name as her finishing maneuver:

I’m a big fan of Meg’s music. I’m a big fan of J. Cole’s music. He even has a song called “K.O.D.” that’s the same name as my finisher: KOD, the Kiss of Death, so I think that might tie in very well in the future, but I really do love my theme music.

Says she takes a lot of pride in making her own gear:

I take a lot of pride in making my own gear. It’s just an amazing feeling to go out there and stand in the ring and have these big, amazing moments in the ring gear that I made. Or I look at a video game and see that it’s the gear that I made or an action figure. I try to make gear where I only wear it one time for big, major events so every single gear has a significance to it. But yeah, sometimes maybe we’re in the locker room and a girl might have a tear in her gear and I’m in there sewing the gear up, helping her with the tear. My husband, I do some of his stuff every now and then, but for the most part, I’m so busy with my stuff. I kind of put myself in a hole with building a reputation of every time someone sees me I kind of have a different gear on. So I’m always busy trying to make new gear so I can have new gear for Raw.

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