Benzema in clash with Deschamps? He is not the only one


Benzema in clash with Deschamps?  He is not the only one

Although the World Cup has been over for more than a month now, the management of Karim Benzema by Didier Deschamps and his staff has caused a lot of ink to flow. On the other hand, this is not the first time that the former coach of AS Monaco has had a conflictual relationship with one of his players. Whether in the France team or during his years on the OM bench, DD often went into conflict.

Even once the world Cup completed, the case Karim Benzema made a lot of talk. In particular the management of the attacker real Madrid through Didier Deschamps. Affected in the quadriceps, the Golden Ball 2022 wanted to stay with the rest of the group at Qatar to get treatment and why not be available after the group stage, but the medical staff of the Blues decided otherwise. This created tensions, already present in the past, with Karim Benzemawho has since announced the end of his international career.

Tensions with Valbuena and Ben Arfa

It’s not the first time that Didier Deschampss maintains a conflictual relationship with some of its players. This had already been the case during his years on the bench of theOM. To start with Matthew Valbuenaon which the coach of theFrench team did not count when he took office in 2009. The former Marseille had also delivered an anecdote about his first difficult months with Didier Deschamps. He also had trouble getting along with Hatem Ben Arfa. In training, the former player ofOL had also dropped him: you break my a******* “. He will have finally evolved a single season under his orders, before joining Newcastle.

“He will be a starter next to me”

at theOMthe relation between DD and Stephane MBia had also caused a lot of ink to flow. The former Cameroonian midfielder was not satisfied with his use, he who most often played in central defense. ” I think that’s enough. I feel uncomfortable in this position. I am here to serve. But it’s starting to look good“, had declared Stephane Mbiawhat Didier Deschamps replied: ” He doesn’t have to hold this discourse with me. If it can reassure you, and if he insists on it, I will find him a place and immediately: he will start next to me. . »

Deschamps is a “hypocrite”

In French teamit is not only with Karim Benzema that there were tensions, this had also been the case with Samir Nasri. Not selected for 2014 World Cupthe former midfielder of theOM didn’t like it. If he had kept silent at the time, he had come back to this episode in an interview granted to Team 21in 2015, where he estimated that Didier Deschamps was a ” hypocritical and that he should have behaved as a man, and assumed his choices, saying to me: “listen, that’s how it is, you’re not coming, you’re not happy and well too bad.” But at least have a discussion as a man . »

“Others did not assume what had been decided”

This Global had definitely been a source of tension, since Franck Ribery was also not on the trip. Injured, he confided to The Teamhave also felt distrust among some. A bond of trust has broken. Me, I made my decision. Others did not assume what had been decided. No one was to talk about my injury anymore after my package. Some did . “Without quoting Didier Deschampshe also regretted a lack of support for obtaining the Golden Ball 2013 : “There are teammates and people who weigh in on French football who have not been in solidarity with me. I felt that these people would not have been happy for me to be Ballon d’Or.»

Rabiot not selected for the 2018 World Cup

Finally, there are sometimes clashes that end well. This was the case for Adrien Rabiotone of the protagonists of the successful course of theFrench team to Qatarwhich had however been set aside for the World Cup 2018. While he was among the reserves, the midfielder of the Juventus refused this status. What did not please Didier Deschampswho had waited two years before selecting it again with theBlues.

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