“Believe in your dreams!” Novak Djokovic’s words are for all


During the award ceremony that saw him lift the Norman Brookes Trophy to the sky for the tenth time in his career, Novak Djokovic wanted to send a clear message to all the children who dream of one day being able to compete on the biggest stages in world tennis.

“To all the kids around the world I say dream big because nothing is impossible. The more challenges you have to face, the stronger you will be: Stefanos Tsitsipas and I prove it”.”

The day after winning his 23rd Grand Slam, Djokovic granted a special interview to a child during the usual photos reserved for the champions of the tournament at the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Novak’s words are not just simple advice: they go further. Very true, if a person sees that she has the potential to make his dreams come true, then he must try to make those dreams come true. And this is advice that applies to everyone, for all ages.

Novak Djokovic interviewed by a child: “Believe in your dreams”

Djokovic said, providing valuable advice to the lucky little one, who was visibly excited during the conversation with the Belgrader: “Always believe in your dreams. This is a very important thing. To everything you imagine, because at your age the imagination is always very strong. Don’t let anyone tell you that imagination is wrong. All right. Always keep your dream alive and take care of it until the end.”

The Serbian champion, to the microphones of the official website of the Australian Open, then returned to talk about the Australian path:

“If I really wanted to win the trophy, I had to be strong and not let external factors distract me on my way to the title. After what happened last year, returning to Australia I was curious and more nervous than usual. I was wondering how I would be received. Overall, it was a very good experience and I’m very grateful for that.”

Djokovic only dropped one set in the whole tournament and managed to raise his level in the second week. Beginning in the round of 16, the Serbian began to manage his leg problem better and dominated the three games leading up to the final. In the last act of the tournament, Djokovic outplayed Stefanos Tsitsipas in the important moments and closed the match with two excellent tie-breaks.

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