Bayley Thinks WWE Adding A Mid-Card Women’s Title Would Benefit The Division


WWE superstar Bayley recently joined Sportskeeda for an in-depth conversation about all things pro-wrestling, including her thoughts on potentially adding a women’s mid-card title for the division. The Damage CTRL leader says that it will take someone fighting hard with management to get the title introduced, much like she and Sasha Banks did for the women’s tag titles. Highlights from the interview are below.

Thinks adding a women’s mid-card title would benefit the division:

“I mean, it wouldn’t hurt. It would be nice to have another title. I think it’s just gonna take time. When we wanted those Women’s Tag Team titles, it took a long time and it took someone actually fighting for them.”

How much like the women’s tag titles it will take someone fighting for it to happen:

“So if that’s what we want, someone has to stand up for it and really fight for it and prove that it’s going to be a benefit for the division.”

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