Backstage WWE Reactions to The Miz Suffering an Injury at WrestleMania Backlash


As noted, The Miz reportedly suffered a torn ACL at Sunday’s WrestleMania Backlash event during the Zombies Lumberjack Match with Damian Priest. There is still no word on the severity of the tear, but the hope is that it was a partial tear. If it is a full tear, Miz will need to undergo surgery and could be out of action for 7-9 months.

It was reported by Fightful Select that talent backstage at the pay-per-view knew something was wrong when watching the match on the monitors, but they didn’t think it was as severe as a torn ACL. Miz was credited by his co-workers for getting through the match with the injury.

The Miz was applauded, figuratively, for making sure he got to the specific planned finish of the match, despite suffering a serious injury. This is the first major injury of Miz’s career.

Stay tuned for more on Miz’s injury and status.

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