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Backstage Notes on WWE’s Trip To and From Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel


The WWE crews reportedly had one of their easier trips to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia this past weekend for the Crown Jewel Premium Live Event.

The WWE flights from the Kingdom took off and landed back in the United States without incident. PWInsider adds that some people flew out on private jets, while others flew out together, with stops in Paris or London before making it back to the United States.

It was noted by Fightful Select that sources mentioned how this was one of the easier trips to and from the Kingdom, outside of the “scary issues” that led up to the event with the threats of a potential attack on the country by Iran.

The safe trip from the Kingdom to America came as a relief to the WWE crews after the travel debacle coming out of the 2019 Crown Jewel event, where the roster was reportedly held on a plane for several hours.

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