Backstage News on What AEW Extras Are Told, How to Help Get Booked Again


As noted earlier this week, it was revealed by Fightful Select that AEW talent “Captain” Shawn Dean also serves as a liaison between company officials and extras that are being used. Now details on notes provided to AEW extras have been revealed ahead of this week’s tapings.

Extras were told that their primary job during Dynamite tapings is to be at ringside unless they are working on the show. There is a rotation planned for when talents are ringside cheering. Extras were also instructed to go over their matches, wear a jacket or t-shirt over their gear, and cheer at ringside, then rotate out and prepare for their matches when working the Dark and Elevation tapings.

It was also clearly mentioned in the instructions that making sure to fulfill those acts goes a long way with AEW management, which could get them booked again in the future.

AEW extras are also provided a Q&A form to better familiarize the announce teams with them. Extras are told to provide a negative nose swab COVID-19 test result before traveling to Jacksonville for tapings, and if they do not have a negative coronavirus test and end up positive, they have to quarantine in Jacksonville at their own expense.

Stay tuned for more.

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