Australian Open boss has warning for those who plan to taunt Novak Djokovic


Australian Open tournament Craig Tiley has warned fans that taunting Novak Djokovic at Melbourne Park will very likely result in them getting kicked out of the complex.

Djokovic, 35, has returned to Melbourne 12 months after the infamous Australia visa saga. 

“If they disrupt the enjoyment of anyone else – boom, they are out. We don’t want them on site. They can stay away or we will kick them out.,” Tiley told The Herald Sun. 

Djokovic, a 21-time Grand Slam champion, captured his first Grand Slam title after beating Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the 2008 Australian Open final.

Since then, Djokovic has become a record nine-time Australian Open champion. 

“The one thing that I always liked about Melbourne is there is a great appreciation of excellence and for sport, I think more than anywhere in Australia. People from Melbourne and Victoria really understand sport well, I don’t think there is another city in the world that understand it as well as we do. So I have an expectation that people will appreciate that and be respectful,” Tiley added. 

Djokovic: I’m here for the Australian Open

Djokovic elected to start his 2023 season at the Adelaide International, where he ended up winning the title.

After winning Adelaide, Djokovic noted it was great to kick off his season with a win but underlined that he came to Australia mainly for the Australian Open. 

“Of course, Australian Open is the biggest reason why I’m here in Australia, but at the same time I want to win every tournament I play on, regardless of the level of the tournament. I love playing in Australia. I mean, my results are a testament to that. I wouldn’t be able to play so well in a place where I don’t feel well. I look forward to Melbourne. Rod Laver is probably my most — not probably, it certainly is my most successful court in my career,” Djokovic said.

It remains to be seen how will Djokovic be welcomed in his return to Melbourne Park.

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