Aulas justifies the Renard choice


Member of the Executive Committee of the French Football Federation, Jean-Michel Aulas explained the appointment of Hervé Renard as coach of the French women’s team.

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Hervé Renard, France French team

Appointed new coach of the French women’s team in place of Corinne Deacon, who did not resist the revolt of several executives of the group, Hervé Renard held his first press conference this Friday. The moment chosen by the former coach of Saudi Arabia to announce the list of players selected for the next gathering, and the two friendly matches against Colombia (April 7) and Canada (April 11), a double confrontation brought to prepare for the final phase of the 2023 World Cup in Australia and Saudi Arabia (July 20-August 20).

“Hervé had the typical profile”

Member of the Executive Committee of the French Football Federation, the president of Olympique Lyonnais, Jean-Michel Aulas, explained why the choice fell on the 54-year-old technician to revive Les Bleues. “The methodology that led us to initiate this solution was made possible thanks to the openness of Philippe (Diallo) who wanted us to work collectively. Everyone took time and led the reflection in order to have all the elements to know where we wanted to go. I have known Hervé for a very long time. We discussed the ambition of women’s football. I was glad he was actually interested in it. As soon as I heard that he was planning to come and help us win, that was a deciding factor. He did what was necessary with the people around him to allow him to be here today, which shows the degree of his motivation. The FFF has a plan to bring women’s football to the top level through its championships and Les Bleues. To have a very good French women’s team, you have to have very good clubs. Hervé had the typical profile, when we knew that it was not only a dream but also a reality, we made sure to convince him.

Aulas justifies the Renard choice 24hfootnews.

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