Aulas fires red bullets at Juninho


OL president Jean-Michel Aulas has settled accounts with his former sporting director, Juninho.

For a long time, Jean-Michel Aulas had nothing but admiration for Juninho, one of the very best players he brought to OL. But that time is long gone. The collaboration that the two men had had was right in their mutual esteem and also in their friendship. Since then, they have continued to attack each other through the media.

Aulas and Juninho, war is declared

During the presentation of Laurent Blanc as coach, JMA subtly attacked “Juni” for his work as sports director. The latter has since had the opportunity to respond to him. He did it, also taking the opportunity to knock out Rudi Garcia, “the worst person” he has encountered in the profession.

Aulas had not reacted to this diatribe. On the other hand, he did not remain without reaction to the last interview given by the Brazilian. A few days ago, in an interview with RMC, he said that Lyon made a mistake by not giving up Rayan Cherki.

“Juninho was unquestionably one of our best players but he did not do the job in terms of organization and sports management,” he said on Sunday evening. I would never have said that if he hadn’t allowed himself, four days ago, to say that we should have let Rayan Cherki go to Paris. When we know that he had decided once and for all that Rayan would not succeed… today we put him back in the saddle. He is in a position where he can succeed, Laurent Blanc is doing a fantastic job with him to restore his confidence. »

The Lyon boss was quite upbeat. Getting blamed for not leading his club well, when the major mistakes come from the one he blindly trusted pissed him off. “That we can say that we made mistakes yes. But the mistakes of the last two years…we are paying for a number of mistakes that have been made. But I will not assume them since I had completely given the keys (to Juninho editor’s note). Even if he doesn’t remember it today, it’s the truth. I know that in the journalistic world, we believe former talented players more than managers, but I’m not rewriting history. I have enough experience to be able to say things eye to eye”.

Aulas fires red bullets at Juninho 24hfootnews.

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