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Aubrey Edwards Says She Loves Working With Chris Jericho Because Of How “On The Fly” Things Are


On the latest edition of the AEW Unrestricted podcast show host and company referee Aubrey Edwards spoke about working with ROH world champion Chris Jericho, and why she loves how “on the fly” things are with The Ocho. Check out Aubrey’s full thoughts on the subject in the highlights below.

How much she enjoys working with Chris Jericho:

“A lot of the things that I really like about working with Chris is it’s all on the fly. He kind of plays into the chemistry that we have with each other quite a bit and we’ll do this frequently enough, where he will get a guy in the walls of Jericho, and the guy works his way to the ropes to break the hold, I count, he lets go to put his arms up in the air and acts like he’s won and I’m sitting there waiting for a cue, just looking frustrated. He’ll say to me, ‘Put my arm down,’ so I’ll put his arm down and say, ‘Hey, what are you doing? You didn’t win.’ He goes, ‘ Yeah, he tapped out.’ A couple of times, he shoved me or whatever but this last match he had with Dalton Castle, he just bumps me.”

When Chris Jericho asked her to chest bump him:

“I’m trying not to immediately laugh, because I’m like, I know the cameras on me. I don’t want to break character at all. I just kind of say, ‘What do you want me to do?’ He goes ‘Give it back. So I just chest bump him back. So it’s always great because then, it gets GIF’d and it’s sent everywhere. It’s all over Twitter. These kinds of — like you said with The Acclaimed, you don’t know what’s going to work. It just sort of happens and that’s one of the beauties of pro wrestling. You can script so much of it. But those moments that just happened in front of the crowd are unique and organic and are so great. I love working with Chris. He’s great.”

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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