Astralis announce the two new Commercial Directors


Astralis have announced changes to its leadership structure as the company’s Commercial Director, Kasper Sindt, left the organization.


Image Credits | Astralis

Astralis will be led by two existing executives

Astralis was able to go through a successful upgrade and modernization in the performance organization at the end of last year. That said, Kasper Sindt, Astralis’ former Commercial Director, who played a major role in building a strong commercial foundation, has decided to begin a new journey in the traditional sports industry.

With his role vacant, Astralis have appointed Niclas Nybjerg and Mads Rasmussen, two of Astralis’ existing executives, as the new directors. The goal is to increase transparency and improve internal processes, as well as sharpen their focus on sales and commercial deliveries and make sure to adapt to the dynamic industry that is esports.

Atralis’ CEO, Anders Hørsholt, mentioned that they will be splitting the commercial responsibilities into two: Sales and Commercial Deliveries with Niclas Nybjerg as their new Sales Director and Mads Rasmussen as the new Partnership Director.

Both directors have multiple years of experience with demonstrated abilities. According to Hørsholt, Niclas Nybjerg worked across all sales-related roles, having more than 3 years of experience within the org. Last year, he was the Commercial Lead in and Ast. Nexus.

Rasmussen, on the other hand, boasts a “vast experience from different managerial positions in partnership deliveries and activation”. Before becoming director, he worked as the Senior Partnership Manager, showcasing great abilities in developing the role and products to the benefit of the partners.

“I am extremely proud of the organization and everybody here, who every day works hard to deliver to all the fans, partners, and other stakeholders. Effort is a prerequisite for results, and in that sense, Astralis is in a very good place going forward”, Hørsholt concluded.

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