arbitration controversy over the first Blaugrana goal!


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Despite a gag goal against his side from Jules Koundé, Barça got away with it last night on the lawn of Bétis Sevilla (2-1). The Blaugrana club won a very important success which allows them to take a little further off against Real Madrid, now eight points before their match of the day against Valencia.

However, his victory yesterday is tainted by a controversy that made Betis Seville jump. The goal of 1-0 is according to them very questionable, after a foul on Gavi and a free kick played quickly by De Jong which led to Raphinha’s goal. For Betis, not only was there a foul not whistled on one of theirs just before, but as a bonus De Jong would have gained a lot of ground when replaying the free kick.

“First it was a foul on Aitor Ruibal and we didn’t go back on it. Then they played the free kick twenty yards further than they should have and caught us off guard. »

Manuel Pellegrini, in front of the press, did not hide his dissatisfaction. And yet, the Catalan daily Sport, which took care to review the images, did not fail to notify that Frenkie De Jong indeed seems to have played the free kick in an area very close to the fault on Gavi. The controversy therefore seems destined to die out fairly quickly…

to summarize

Barça won a major success last night on the lawn of Bétis (2-1). But the opening goal enraged Sevilla after the game. In question according to them, several irregularities in the way a free kick was played.

arbitration controversy over the first Blaugrana goal! 24hfootnews.

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