Antoine Rozner: “It’s incredible, crazy week”


Barely time to realize, the player from Racing Club de France La Boulie gave himself up after this third victory in 3 years on the DP World Tour which makes him a serious candidate for obtaining the last place in the Continental Europe team for the next Hero Cup in a month in Abu Dhabi.

Antoine Rozner, statements

“It’s incredible. I simply couldn’t dream of a better way to end the year. It was a crazy week. I felt at home here in Mauritius. The course was great. We were very well received. Frankly, I couldn’t ask for more. I played the fire, so frankly super super happy to get out of this last day so relaxed. However, it is not obvious. The first nine holes did me a world of good. Now, as I was telling my caddy Patxi, after the nine the hard part was about to begin, and it did. It was super hard, it was long. I feel like it’s been 72 holes in the last nine. I felt very relieved when I saw that I was four strokes ahead of the first pursuer at the start of the 18th. It’s huge. There are no small victories. I am really very happy. It’s the third on the Tour in just over three seasons, so it’s fantastic. I hope to continue like this for many more years.

“I’m quite happy for him. It’s a nice third place on its own. He hit big putts at the end to finish on the podium. We get along really well. He stumbled a bit on the front nine maybe. But he is a great player, he will be here for many years to come, that’s for sure. Inevitably, after a victory like that we think about it. It is up to the captains to make their choice. In any case, I gave myself the means. We’ll see”.

The Republic of Mauritius, also referred to in Italian as Maurizio is a state insular of Africa; it is located in the southwestern Indian Ocean 550 km east of Madagascar. In addition to the main island of the same name, it also includes the islands of Agalega, Cargados Carajos and Rodrigues.

Mauritius is geographically part of the Mascarene Islands archipelago, which also includes the French overseas territory of Réunion, about 200 km southwest.

Mauritius has no official language; however, being a former colony of the United Kingdom, from which it gained independence in 1968, the language used in parliamentary acts is English, although the most widely spoken is Mauritian Creole, largely based on French with English, South African and Indian influences . Slightly less than 4% of the population is instead pure French speaking.

There is no state religion, but the most practiced is Hinduism, from more than half of the population, to about 70% of Indian origin descended from workers sent there under the British Empire in debt servitude. It is the only African country with a Hindu majority.

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