An OM star at PSG, the answer falls live


Incredible information disclosed this Wednesday. According to information from the Chilean press, PSG would have checked the name of Alexis Sanchez, linked to OM until next June. A surprising revelation for journalist Thibaud Vézirian. According to him, the Sanchez clan leaked this information to put pressure on the Marseille club.

Linked toOM until next June, Alexis Sanchez would make the dream PSG. According to the Chilean press, the winger would be one of the tracks of the Parisian club to strengthen the group next season. A surprising piece of information, which made many journalists react, starting with Thibaud Vezirian. A few days ago, the latter had mentioned a meeting between the agent ofAlexis Sanchez and theOM in Marseille. An extension was under consideration. And according to him, this context explains the dissemination of this information.

“As by chance”

As if by chance, it is the Chilean press that publishes this information… who is pulling the strings? We know ! It’s up to you not to fall into the trap. What I find big is finding a more logical club! Why not announce an offer from Italy, given his good seasons at Inter Milan, where he is very popular… But PSG? It’s too big ! Even Longoria, he has to say to the agent “why are you putting this out in the Chilean press? Do you take me for a fool or what? said Thibaud Vezirian during a live Twitch broadcast this Wednesday.

A scheme of the Sanchez clan?

According to him, this leak would be a means used to put pressure on OMunder pressure in this case Sanchez. “We have to throw this kind of rumor in the press to show OM what Sanchez is worth and that we will have to extend bonuses, a big commission and a signing bonus ” dropped Vezirian.

An OM star at PSG, the answer falls live 24hfootnews.

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