An anti-PSG plan revealed, the verdict falls


Xavi Simons escaped PSG last summer by joining PSV Eindhoven. In the agreed deal, a priority and financially advantageous buyout clause would have been included. PSV would like to withdraw it by renegotiating the terms of the contract in order to thwart PSG’s plans, but have no legal right to do so. Explanations.

Last season, Xavi simons could, likeEdward Michutsometimes having a little game time from Mauricio Pochettino who was none other than the former PSG coach. However, that wasn’t enough for the 19-year-old Dutch midfielder, who left free of any contract with the PSV Eindhoven.

PSV would like to withdraw the clause present in the contract of Simons and advantageous for the PSG

And this, for the happiness of Ruud Van Nistelrooy. The coach of PSV Eindhoven and legend of Manchester United did not fail to let it be known that his Dutch compatriot was in great shape with great maturity. At the point where the PSV Eindhoven would attempt to renegotiate the contract of simons in which would appear a clause fixed by the PSG to allow him to have an advantage to repatriate him. The purpose of PSV would be to remove the said clause to jeopardize the plans of the Paris Saint Germain.

“That is not possible for PSV. The deal was the subject of a writing.

Lawyer at the bars of Paris and Brussels, Me Thierry Granturco cast a chill over the plans of the PSV Eindhoven about the contract Xavi simons and the withdrawal of said clause. “A priori, this is not possible for PSV. The deal was in writing. Without knowing the precise chord, it’s complicated. But if one simply refers to the rules of FIFA, the answer is no, unless there was a finesse in the act that we do not know about. (…) In all likelihood, the price has already been set. There is no more economic stake, it has already been settled. If the player wants to return to PSG, he will refuse to extend or maintain this clause to the advantage of Paris in his next contract. These are clauses that work relatively well”. entrusted the lawyer specializing in sports law to CulturePSG before releasing his truths about the contract extension of simons At PSV. “If PSV intends to extend it, it is surely to reward it from a sporting point of view, not to circumvent this option of which the player is master”.

An anti-PSG plan revealed, the verdict falls 24hfootnews.

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