Ally Woman’s Open – All Woman Rocket League Tournament Launching


This week, Rocket League announced the launch of a brand-new tournament. This will be another Rocket League esports competition alongside the RLCS, but with a bit of a twist. This is going to be a woman-only tournament, the Ally Woman’s Open.

This new league will have a major sponsor behind it, allowing for some impressive prize pools. It’s a valuable addition to the line-up of Rocket League events and it’ll ensure fans have high-level Rocket League to watch even more regularly.

Ally Woman’s Open

The Ally Woman’s Open is going to be a new Rocket League tournament series with a roster entirely of women. The event will feature a decent-sized prize pool of $20,000 in North America and the same for Europe. It’s only running in these two regions, but it’s still a big move forward for woman’s only tournaments. The teams taking part haven’t been revealed yet, but it’s sure to be the type of competition you only see in the highest level of the Rocket League ranking system.

The new tournament is going to be produced directly by Radiant. They’re an esports media platform with an all-woman management team and is trying to elevate women in esports. This new tournament gives even wider opportunities for women in Rocket League to compete.

Ally Financial Inc Partner with Rocket League

This new Ally Woman’s Open is the result of a new partnership between Ally Financial and Rocket League. The financial services company has become a major new sponsor of Rocket League. They will be a branded sponsor during RLCS broadcasts for the Winter and Spring Splits. This is on top of directly sponsoring the new tournament and contributing significantly towards the prize pools.

Ally’s work with the new Rocket League tournament contributes towards a big goal for the company in esports. They’re trying to evenly split their esports spending between men’s and woman’s esports. This new tournament helps to meet that goal while still being a part of the RLCS event. They’ve also sponsored players in other games and direct ad buys in different tournaments.

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